iKnowThat! Wellness Program Learning

Workplace Wellness Programs are often included in Employee Benefits Packages and typical components can include health screening, counseling, individual and group activities and educational resources.

The Wellness Programs usually offer some level of incentive for employee participation from vendor discounts to financial rewards and even to significant discounts on employee health insurance premiums. However, they can require a large commitment of financial and/or personnel investment to adminster and are most commonly found in larger organizations that can make that commitment.

Combining the design principles of extensive customizing capabilities, privacy and simplicity of use, some of the ways iKnowThat! can be used are:

  • Help measure the effectiveness of teaching methods or training content.
  • Tracking learning achievements such as for an Incentivized Employee Wellness program.
  • Provide additional engagement feedback for employee Email blasts.
  • Measure learning participation of remote employees.
  • Administer and reinforce company policies or required knowledge.
  • Assess knowledge for screening purposes or just for personal interest.
  • Incentivized marketing to or improving engagement with existing customers.

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