About iKnowThat!
iKnowThat! is an engagement assessment platform that uses a quiz format to offer advanced results measurement and tracking.

iKnowThat! goes beyond providing the ability to create quizzes. iKnowThat! offers a broad range of history tracking options from simple completion by user down to the effectiveness of each quiz question over time.

Combining the design principles of extensive customizing capabilities, privacy and simplicity of use, some of the ways iKnowThat! can be used are:

  • Offer a fun competitive environment for group learning.
  • Help measure the effectiveness of teaching methods or training content.
  • Assess and track learning goals and achievements.
  • Provide additional engagement feedback for digital communication blasts or campaigns
  • Measure remote learning participation.
  • Help administer or reinforce policies or required knowledge.
  • Assess knowledge for screening purposes or just for personal interest.

iKnowThat! is a responsive website that automatically formats to the device that you are using. Therefore, there is no downloading, installing or updating to use iKnowThat! on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.